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KEMETIC REIKI (Ra Sekhi Energy Medicine)

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

We are more than just a physical body.  All matter is energy and we each hold the divine manifestation of this universal energy field in our bodies.  It is our Life Force called Sekhem, Prana, Chi or Ki.  Kemetic Reiki, also known as Ra Sekhi healing energy medicine is based on the ancient holistic healing system practiced thousands of years before what is now known as reiki by our ancestors in ancient Kemet (Egypt) and throughout Africa.  Kemetic Reiki uses healing hands, crystals, aromatherapy, essential oils, sound therapy, hekau (healing mantras) and symbols to clear your aura and bring harmony and balance in your entire being through the energy centers known as aritu (chakras).  You will receive a full assessment that will guide you on how to focus your awareness, strengthen and master your inner power through affirmations, healthy eating that fuels your energy, use of movement and dance, as well as your spirit guides that are in alignment with your personal belief system (Lwa, Orishas, Neteru, saints, guardian angels and elevated ancestors) to bring balance, harmony and peace within.  Receiving regular Kemetic Reiki sessions is an excellent self-care option and will assist in maintaining holistic balance.

Distance Healing Available: As energy transcends time and space this spiritually powerful healing system is also effective through distance healing if you are unable to come to our healing space. 

Rates for Kemetic Reiki Sessions:

Initial Session: $100 (60-90 minutes)

Follow up Sessions: $75 (60 minutes)

Tune up Sessions: $50 (30 minutes)


To gift a loved one with a Kemetic Reiki session, you can purchase an eGiftcard by clicking here: CLICK HERE


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