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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Authentic Movement is a simple yet powerful and transformative non-judgmental movement meditation practice where a mover moves in the presence of a witness.

Authentic Movement is a simple yet powerful and transformative movement meditation practice that forms within the relationship of a mover and a witness. 

The role of the witness is one of non-judgmental attention to the mover.  This therapeutic relationship is what creates a safe container for the mover to feel open enough to be seen without fear of judgment.  The witness observes the mover and experiences her own feelings, thoughts, sensations, and memories.  The witness is silent as she observes the mover but the mover can make vocal sounds on impulse. At a predetermined time, the witness will signal the mover that her movement should come to end.  This is usually achieved with a gentle tapping of a bell.  The mover slowly opens her eyes to enter the space again from where she has momentarily travelled to in her movements through impulses manifested by thoughts, images, fantasies and dreams.  To aid in the process of reflection on what has unfolded in the session, some movers may choose to journal, draw, paint, write poetry, or any other method of reflective creativity.  At this point, there is a sharing. The expert of her journey, the mover shares what she chooses to about her experience. The witness listens in silence. When she is finished, the witness will share her experience of witnessing the mover’s journey. As the witness also owns her own experience, projections, interpretations and judgments, the mover is given space to accept or reject the witness’s perceptions.  There is a great deal of respect and acknowledgement for the experiences of both the mover and witness. The mover will continue to process this experience in her own way.   As information becomes clearer, the mover is able to notice the patterns of her behavior.  This information leads to self-awareness that provides personal growth and transformation thus leading to a better knowledge of self.  

This powerful and transformative practice is beneficial in a variety of ways:  * As a form of therapy * A movement mediation and/or spiritual practice * A tool for artists to spark creativity such as choreography, etc.

Authentic Movement can be practiced as a group or in individual sessions. 

Following much of the same premise and guidelines, Gaya Authentic Movement is specifically geared towards members of the African Diaspora. It offers a safe and confidential space facilitated by a practitioner of African descent to reclaim the use of active imagination in a way that is intuitive and open to the energy of black and brown bodies. “In the African worldview, all that is consciousness is, in fact, revealed in and determined by relationships or ‘energy in motion.’” (Dr. Wade Nobles). Begin a healing journey by unpacking and exploring embodied history. Ase...Ayibobo.


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